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"I suppose whenever you go through periods of transition, or in a way, it’s a very definite closing of a certain chapter of your life - I suppose those times are always going to be both very upsetting and also very exciting by the very nature because things are changing and you don’t know what’s going to happen."

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Daniel Radcliffe photographed by Robert Ascroft for New York Moves Magazine (2014)

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"When you’re in the position I’m in, you have two options: you can either shut yourself off from everybody, from the world, and not live a full life. Or you welcome everybody into your life and occasionally somebody will try to take advantage. And I’d much rather be that person who lets people in.” (Daniel Radcliffe photographed by Ernest Doroszuk)

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In which Anna Akana is all of us… (x)

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I think it’s useful, as a famous person, to have as little separation between the perception of you and how you really are - because otherwise I’d be sitting here thinking I’m keeping secrets, and wondering when you’re going to find out.

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More than just friends, they've become like brothers. Or sisters, I don't know. In fact, I don't see them like normal boys. I mean that I cannot imagine me going out with one of them. For me, they are like my best friends. I can laugh and talk about everything with them without any taboo. I really like them a lot.

- Emma Watson

then and now


After I saw him in The Cripple of Inishmaan, I anxiously waited to meet Daniel Radcliffe at the stage door so I could get this card signed. Because I was toward the back of the crowd, I didn’t think Daniel would even notice the card, but I was very wrong. As soon as he caught sight of the card, Daniel started laughing. He then took the card and explained how he had wanted to sign one of the cards ever since he had found out about it and signed it with my Sharpie. Then he THANKED me for bringing it and took my phone and took a selfie with me. Needless to say, I was very happy.

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You came and saw Equus. And afterwards, I remember I turned around to you and said: ‘Go on, go on. Do I die?’

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